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Kiss EP :

"Kiss EP" is a mirror of modern techno scene made with pleasure & love. Creepy sounds and harmonies combined with funky toms, low kicks and basslines. Very nice to play loud in the club..............[**more**]


Latest two net-releases



Bubbles EP:

" Bubbles EP" , the last release published by MicroLabel Netlabel. Michal Wolski, underline with his sound his continuous research for quality techno music. A release.........[**more**]



Eclipses Last Second EP :

Eclipses last second is the first relase of Blacksun. What wants to trasmit is a whore feelings non conventional characteristics of inusuals moment as when it is us to observe an eclipse, situations that cannot be generalizzed, situations that every person living knows her what it.........[**more**]


The Italian NetLabel is a project to promote experimental electro culture using the web.  MicroLabel is an information/music/digital culture virtual space which aims to exhibit small productions and independent producers as part of the creative commons license system.  Also the label’s copyright is sustained by this particular license, which offers more freedom for amateur artists.NetLabel seeks complete independence from (any right reserved to commercial aims) and makes use of collaborations of international producers of different kinds of electro music, from the techno/minimal to a more eclectic genre.........[**more**]

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New Digital Label: MicroLabel LTD
After 2 years of work and intense collaborations, the new project of our digital label will start: MICROLABEL LTD. The new digital label will use at the best the great resources created and collected by MicroLabel during the years of its net label activity. The label was created in 2007 to spread out experimental electronic culture. MicroLabel gave visibility to small productions and independent producers that agreed to the Creative Commons license. With the help of all the staff this net label has reached the regarding amount of 60.000 download par year and over 100.000 visits in 2008...............[**more**]






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