artist: aestetics

real name: kevin roux


labels: multi vitamins...

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Aestetics was born in Toulouse (France) in 1989. His love story with music started in his early childhood with his parents icons. He started learning guitar when he was ten years old and could never give up making music since then. After beeing a 70's rock lover for years, one day, he discovered something he never heard before, that was Richie Hawtin. This masterpiece of techno music opened him to techno and minimal musics. Since 2006 Aestetics produces his own techno minimal music. Influenced by minimal and techno artists such as Gaiser, Mark Henning and Marc Houle, his techno working is recognizable by his using of dark melodies surrounded by efficient minimal rhythms..

Artist Releases:
microlabel 016| Chinese 250 EP
released: 15/05/2009
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