artist: april vallen

real name: adam virga


labels: stir,loopzilla,micromix...

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Born in Detroit in 1984, Adam was exposed to many different environments, each with their own take on music. Hi's Father, a self taught musician played a key role in opening Adams ears to new sounds. Everything from early electronic bands such as Tangerine Dream and Cabaret Voltaire to Disco and New-Wave records could be heard around the house.By 15, Adam had lived in 5 different American States and the foreign land of Argentina. Upon his return to the US, Adam was inspired by the turntablism featured in many 1980's breakdance movies and opted for a set of turntables himself. After sifting through countless styles of electronic music, it was ultimately a move back to his hometown of Detroit that led him to the futuristic sounds of Techno in its many forms.2003 brought Adam to a new point where he began to delve into the ever-expansive world of electronic music production. Drawing from Techno's usual influential suspects yet never losing sight of his love for 80's Electro and Hip-Hop, Adam's aim is to create a sound that is as dirty and funky as it is sparse and minimal.Summer 2004, Adam left Detroit to attend an audio production institute in New York City. It was during this time, working odd jobs around the city, that Adam met artist and current label partner Ian Funk. Together they make up the group DownTime as well as head up the media organization, Stir, a collective of friends that serves as an outlet for both visual and audible projects focusing on electronic culture as a whole.Adam is as excited for the future as he is nervous. He especially looks forward to releasing music under his female alter-ego, April Vallen, who in her daily life works as a freelance journalist documenting changes in the world and what role the human race will play in it, in the near future.

Artist Releases:
microlabel 003|Puda Remix
released: 02/09/2007
Gaguri RMX download



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