artist: blacksun

real name: giorgio baudana

website: myspace

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Giorgio Baudana aka Blacksun is born in Turin march 19th 1986. He begin to enjoy himself with the most varied sounds
since the 15 years old age using different sounds, synthesizing them, fragmenting them, getting off them and to reassemble them
to create new musical expressions inspired above all by the immagination and by all of this that surrounds him as natural and urban elements
that weave him to create melodies and grooves ever discounted.
The first productions are characterized by acid and essential sonority and not classifiable under an only genre.
With the time Blacksun begins to produce richer trace and with sought after sonority. In 2007 it begin to play live in some local in Turin and not only
what Puddhu bar, Villa Capriglio, Debian, Sunflower and some partyes. In 2008 he trasfers for study to Bologna where he devotes time to the music more and more,
assembling himself on the thechniques of production. The lives of Blacksun are never predictable at time difficult to insert
in conventional party and evenings, they space whitin deep, ambient, techno sonority with minimal and funky contamination.

Artist Releases:
microlabel 020| Eclipses Last Second EP
released: 15/01/2010
snowing hot download
a walk in the sky download
useless plastik toy download






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