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Claudio began his dj career at 14 years old, but his passion for music had already been very strong since his childhood. His toys were electronic instruments and the consolle which was a peculiarity of that time. At the beginning of the 90’s, the development of  the hip-hop culture influenced his way of doing music, so he gave himself up completely to black music. He took part in several musical shows in Naples and began to frequent jam and places such as the Mumu and the Officina 99, but also club such as the Freezer, the Metropolis, Naples Arenile and the Ditellandia. Passion for music grew more and more, and thanks to music he gave free play to his creativity. Moreover he had another passion: to be a musical producer where his songs were part of his live shows. In 1998 he moved from Naples to Salerno in discos such as Dolce Vita, Non Ho Sonno, Lido Azzurro, Kalimera, all places in which there were famous dj like Claudio Di Rocco, Alex Neri,Tony Humphries , Junior Jack, ecc... and began partner of important dj like Fiore,Enzo Cipolletta , Ralf and organization as Angels of love. His music transmits love for music, his sets are like a pleasant trip, from electronical to minimal from break beat to techno without any stop.
In 2005 he was on the radio taking part in a dj competition spread by the most important Parthenopean radio: Radio Ibiza. His performance and his production aroused much interest and were appreciated not only from the radio staff but also from the audience. Now he is reaching Italian or foreign collaborators and a sponsor who give him the possibility to compare with other European dj.

Artist Releases:
microlabel 008| Under the influence EP
released: 12/01/2008
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erotic move download
saturn dimension download



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