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Daniele Bazzanti, 1977, Roma.

He developed an interest in electronic music at 14 years old, in the middle of the “rave culture”, typical of the musical context of Rome in early ‘90s. When he was 18 he bought turntables and a mixer, two years later he also bought a drum machine and a computer. His productions are principally in the techno music sphere, with some influences that cames from minimal, electro, acid, and electronica. He’s inspired by artists like Cisco Ferreira, Richie Hawtin, Mattew Dear, Matthew Johnson and many others. He considers Electronic Music an artistic and cultural phenomenon that was born with and accompanied the decadence of the industrial society, de-facto becoming its soundtrack. In his vision, the noise of the industrial machines becomes “sound”, robots became “singers” and the alienating and frenetic life style of the humanity becomes “rhythm”. In music, the term “technology” is a synonym of the term “democracy”, for technology allows everyone to express themselves in this form of art.

Artist Releases:
microlabel 017| End Starting
released: 15/07/2009
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