artist: dubit

real name: pier alfeo


labels: MBD, BrainStormLab...

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Alfeo Pier aka Dubit was born September 21 st 1985 in Molfetta (Ba), Italy. Inspired from the sea and the country of the north barese and pushed by a strong curiosity toward all of this that is sound, strumming a guitar, editing Loops, it begins his digital run. Experimenting methods, fed by the desire to differ himself and to surprise up to the maturity him makes load of strong experiences as Dj/Producer for then to depart in 2005 toward the north Italy, looking for new ideas.
Here its style takes form, influenced by son-in-laws as techno, minimal, dubstep, glitch, Idm and artists as James Holden, Nathan Fake, Nine Inch Nails, Truss, Someone Else, Tleilaxu, Shadi Megalla. Progressively cultivating the instinct to experiment new sonorities and new rhythms, In 2007/08 he frequents the studies of Sound Engineer near the Emit in Milan.
Once graduated, he moved to Bologna where collaborations explode with bands, clubs, artists and labels.
After the first release with the Neapolitan Label MinimalBrainDamage [MBD006]V/A Dubit - Noise Leading Tisane, the project buds in an IDM invaded by echo-acoustics (Search and Recordings of environment) and minimal.
Evolving himself in LiveSet and Audio_Visiva born this way: "Dubit" = you name it.

Artist Releases:
microlabel 018| Cloudy Underground
released: 15/09/2009
humus download
who? download
rainbox download
microlabel 019| In The Jungle EP
released: 16/11/2009
jungle fever (Dubit RMX) download







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