artist: exile

real name: giovanni pasquariello

website: exile on myaspace

labels: bxr...

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Giovanni Pasquariello aka Exile was born in Brescia in 1970. Very young he discovers his passion for music, listening to Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, Rockets, Kraftwerk and ’80 dance music. Begines his career at the end of the eighties entering in the music world as dj, plaing techno music in some Garda and Iseo lakes clubs.
Some years later, in 1993, he starts working in radio world taking care to his program “ Welcome to the pleasure dome “ broadcasted on “Radio Onda D’Urto”, an alternative radio station of Brescia, Milano, Piacenza and Cremona. The program success makes him as Known as to be looked for working as dj in several clubs as Cyber, Okapia, Stargate, Kasamatta, and others situations as rave parties and afterhours with internationally known djs. In 2000 takes part in Rome to Enzimi festival in collaboration with Resonant records with the most important roman djs. In 1998 he produces his first record “Acid for your brain”, Suntec Records. In 1999 he takes part to Media Records staff starting as radio programs arranger and realizer (as Maximal of RIN) and than publishing with BXR label two productions: “Electronic atmosphere” (2003) and “Tragic Error” (2004).

Artist releases:
microlabel 007| Ramknow EP
released: 14/11/2007
refuse download
knowledge download
ramshackle download
microlabel 011| Raindrop EP
released: 15/07/2008
raincoat download
rainfall download
raindrop download






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