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real name: federico costantini


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Federico Costantini, aka Feder, started his career of musician when he was fifteen. After playing for five years in various bands (from punk to post rock) he went to Spain for a year, where he felt an affinity with electronic music.
In 2005 he decided to expand his knowledge in sound engineering by attending a specialized College near Torino (APM): this experience gave to Feder the basement of sound and acoustics theory. Now he lives in Rome: he spends most of his time in working (dubbing sound engineer) and deejaying: he is resident of the party organization "Execu+e", shares the console with international deejays and plays in various clubs of the city. At the same time, he keeps on producing music in his personal home studio, cooperates with the theatre company "Immobile Paziente" by setting in music their theatrical performances and, last but not least, he plays in a rock band with some friends...on Sunday.
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Artist Releases:
microlabel 013| Pears EP
released: 15/11/2008
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the bear tower download
utte download






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