artist: octad

real name: andrea kalenda


labels: metroline,m-rec,urban mantra...

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Andrea Kalenda was born in Rome (Italy) some years ago but at present he is based in London UK.He started as DJ in 1986 playing at numerous private parties and after some time also in many clubs in Rome, Rimini, Florence, Bologna and so on.From 1986 to 1992 he's been playing various styles such as dance, hip hop, new beat, acid house and house music. In 1993 he completely changed his sound to straight up deep hard techno and minimal techno tracks.In 1995, in his own studio (I.M.L. - Interference Midi Lab), OCTAD
produced the first tracks for his new label "Voyager Records" jointly with Remix Records Shop in Rome and Neuton Distribution in Germany resulting, January 1996, in his first release: "Brain Emission e.p."Four years later he found a new label "Rough Recordings" in oriented Detroit techno style.During all those years (1995 - 2004), he was working in various productions with several international artists, such as Marco Bailey and the Portuguese DJs: DJ Ze Miguel; DJ A. Paul; DJ Jiggy, as well as Italians DJ/producers and
friends: Freddy K, Sabino Rossignoli, Max-M, Dash-T, Pierantonio Gualtieri.In February 2004 he played for the first time in London a live set at one Wang ( party in Hackney area with DJ Mark Broom, Squarepusher, DJ Raw, Phiorio and Marco D'Arcangelo (Rephlex).Octad is playing in different clubs in London and abroad.

Artist Releases:
microlabel 002|3 Cops EP
released: 17/07/2007
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