artist: santhiAgo

real name: andrea vecchio


labels: Kaps records...

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SanthiAgo AKA Andrea Vecchio was born in 1980 in the hot and red land of Salento,south of Italy. Since he was a child, he was inspired by this warm land and at first he approached to classical music then he drove his taste to contemporary music. He studied piano and oboe at musical school in Lecce but their old and slow sounds got completely transformed by the speed of the urban environment,the city. Infact since 2002 he lives in Bologna where he started his new "electronic" adventure. SanthiAgo specializes in electronic music,sound designer and sound engineer. He starts to collaborate with various independent labels such Katshuto records and Kaps records. He collaborates also to achieve installations audio/video, music for contemporary dance, contemporary theatre and theatre-dance. He had composed the music for a performance “Le Golose” (Annadora Scalone, Gruppo Danza Duende), for a documentary “Frammenti di riflessioni” (Raffaello Rossini, Pettirouge, SanthiAgo has played in several location like the party at CSOA TNT (JESI), CSO Crash (Bologna), CSO Lazzaretto Occupato (Bologna), Sesto Senso (Bologna), Zo Cafè (Bologna), Altotasso(Bologna), Macondo (Bologna), Radio Città Fujiko (Bologna). This summer SanthiAgo was selected to join the HOMEWORK FESTIVAL 0.6 ( ) and anti-MTV DAY (CSO ex-mercato 24, Bologna). In July 2008 he had realized remix for Kaps records, (El vuelo de las mariposas). Sources of inspiration are the germanic minimal sound like Kraftwerk, Apparat, Ellen Allien, Monolake and many others like Trentemøller, Aphex Twin, Murcof, Mum. His performances are live-set of Urban Sound with contaminated Electronic, Experimental, Minimal and techno. The equipment SanthiAgo uses is basic and essential as Drum Machine, controller, midi keyboard, sound card,laptop and TENORI-ON.

Artist Releases:
microlabel 014| The Game Of Life
released: 15/01/2009
infected download
life download
moonlight download
microlabel 019| In The Jungle EP
released: 16/11/2009
my room-mate download
jungle fever download
telephone download
jungle fever (Dubit RMX) download










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