artist: sire_g

real name: giuseppe sorbo


labels: autist,vekton music,303lovers...

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Giuseppe Sorbo aka “sire_g” found his way into electronic music only five years ago.In the years of university in Rimini,it’s shared its house with a dj, which explains to it all the main techniques in order to mixing, and specially provide to it a culture under the aspect of the good and advanced electronic dance-music. Supported by talent for music and rhythm, it mprove its musical hearing and tastes, continuing to play a lot of vinyls in the free moments at home. Therefore start to attend the studies of the 9Records of its friend MBG. From the study of the 9Records it exit completely shocked from that it has seen and decide to fully dive in the electronic music and learn the more possible of the best software for production of music electronic, starting by Acid, passing to Logic and in the last time’s joining Ableton Live with it actually produce your track’s.In the summer of 2006 it meet again is friend Jitzu after a lot of time. In the past years with Jitzu, many times had spoken to make something together but without never to succeed to meeting us in front of a laptop.Finally in November 2006 Jitzu & sire_g start to work togheter, releasing various ep distributed from Autist Records in all over the world.









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