wang inc.

artist: wang inc.

real name: bartolomeo sailer


labels: context,bip hop,persistecebit...

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Wang inc. appeared on the music market with his first 12” on Sonig called
Plastic/Metal. It was year 1999 and this 12” is part of the music revolution that
Matmos and Dr. Rockit made to dance music introducing “concrete” sounds to the
beats. After this Wang inc. has made 2 albums: the first on BipHop
and the second
on Working with Context has brought him back to his first love: dance
music with lots of experiments. His last work is on Persistencebit records and is called
“Meditation for a better world”. Now behind his techno productions Wang inc. plays
in the rock band Ende and collaborates with many artists around the world doing
improvised music. He also works for multimedia projects making interactive
soundscapes and music for audio visual products (short films, commercials and so

Artist Releases:
microlabel 005| 3 Surprises
released: 01/10/2007
space and time continuum is curve download
it's hard to be in time download
swinging in space download
microlabel 015| Presidents Of The United States
released: 15/03/2009
jfk download
gwb never again mix download
bho download










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