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3 Cops EP:

3 Cops EP by italian producer Octad it’s a collection of 3 dark and minimal tracks, aimed at the darkest hours of the morning and the trippiest afterhours.Octad’s journey begin into the world of darkness goes even deeper with the first track "John Riley". Starting with a educed percussive beat and a relentless hypnotic sound, the track develops into a dark tripped-out & percussive groove lead by strane sound-fx type of spoken word.

In the 2nd track "Joe Bird" Octad still uses randomized clicks and glitches but this time the bassline it’s more atmospheric and deep to give this track a darker body. The pressure keeps building until the end as more and more micro percussive elements, noises and bleeps find their way into the track creating the almost perfect afterhour soundtrack.The third track “Jessy Colwell” it’s possibly the more jacked-up and uptempo of the ep. The track release all it's energy straight from the beginning with it's pulsating bass and hats and the clever use of micro click and noises leading the way to a gloom and sinister main hook.








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